Galaxy Gastro Pub



Cocktails & Beers

Taste our great variety of Cocktails & Beers in the center of Malia, in Galaxy Gastro Pub. Our goal is to serve high quality services in low prices.

Perfect for dining

Enjoy our delicious kitchen with international recipes and our Greek taste. Ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

80s pub

We are here since 1975, with thousands of repeated customers. We preserve the atmosphere of an 80s pub with some modern improvements.

Best pub in Malia

Galaxy Gastro Pub is a family run business in Malia Crete Greece. It has been going strong since 1975 with thousands of customers. We serve a wide variety of both hot and cold foods, along with alcoholic drinks and soft drinks. Our pub is equipped with 10 large HD screens where we show a variety of live sports.

Best Food in town

Local ingredients

2 eggs, salad, soft cheese, feta cheese, olives, 2 slices of toast, orange juice, coffee or tea
Choose extra ice cream or seasonal fruit
The most tender of pork steaks, best cooked well donw
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